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Through its affiliates, CSG offers clients a wide range of investment options from traditional portfolios to alternative investments. Alternative investments may include several different asset classes including stocks and bonds, hedge funds, private equity, real estate, managed futures and venture capital. For individuals and families of substantial wealth, alternative investments provide diversification from traditional investments. Annual fees and expenses range from .75% to 10% based on asset class and type of investment. Although allocating assets over multiple managers and strategies is intended to diversify risk, there is no assurance such goals and objectives can be accomplished.


CSG is committed to maintaining its status as an independent financial services firm. We feel it is in the best interest of the client not to have a commitment to a financial institution or other outside source that may have an adverse affect on the decision making process. In addition, this same independence allows us to choose and transact business with the money managers that best fit a client's goals. Our commitment to personal service for our clients also allows us to work closely with other financial advisors, i.e. accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, financial planners, private bankers, and trustees.


Our firm strongly believes in total confidentiality in all aspects of our relationship with a client's assets, as well as any other relationships that may develop during the management process. All information obtained or developed by CSG will be maintained as confidential. Any communication with outside entities regarding a client's assets will be only at the direction of the client.


In order to provide the most effective level of service to our clients, all new clients must go through a number of steps prior to any activity being transacted on their behalf. This process is outlined as follows:

Step 1:

Client Interview and Initial Conference It is vital to meet with a prospective client to verify that they are truly aware of what our services entail and if they are actually needed. This time together also allows the client to determine if they feel comfortable and confident in our abilities.

Step 2:

Client Questionnaire/Financial Survey The next step in our process is to review a client's assets and liabilities as well as other personal information. This allows us to determine a client's current financial position and level of investment experience, and also review the desired goals.

Step 3:

Evaluation and Recommendations After collecting all of the data as previously described, we will then develop a plan that will address specific issues or concerns about the client's present financial situation. It also allows us to develop a list of priorities to begin working on for the client. This step in the process will address economic risks, interest rate risks and asset allocation. We will also begin developing the client's risk tolerance that we feel is appropriate for investment purposes.

Step 4:

Implementation After determining our task list and prioritizing each item, we begin the implementation process. If other professionals are required as determined by our overview, such as an attorney, actuaries, agents, accountants, etc., appointments will be made for the client and our staff. We assist the client in this phase by working directly with these professionals to establish and direct their activities for the client.

Step 5:

Monitoring One of the most important phases, or steps, is the monitoring of all activities currently in process for the client. We continually monitor the money managers to ensure they are investing in accordance with their stated objective. Our portfolio management software system assists us in reporting performance results to our clients on a quarterly basis. It also allows us to see how a portfolio manager is performing relative to their benchmark. At year-end, we will produce an organized tax report that summarizes year-to-date totals for short and long term capital gains, taxable interest, and dividends to assist tax professionals in preparing the client's tax forms.

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