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MBD Services

Crescent Securities Group is dedicated to engaging and understanding the business and goals of our sponsors. We will work with you as we advise and guide you during the process of developing the investment structure in which to raise capital.
Crescent Securities Group Inc. ("CSG") offers professional managing broker dealer services for publicly registered and private placement offerings. Services include:
chevron_right Client Services
  • Process subscription agreements
  • Manage the transactions and closing of the offering
  • Coordinate with fund administrators
  • Build rep relationships
chevron_right Compliance
  • Oversee compliance with securities rules and regulations
  • Assist in establishing and managing escrow account
  • Review marketing material (FINRA filings of material, etc.)
  • Help structure and review offering documents
  • Review and comment on 3rd party due diligence reports
  • Distribute commissions to the selling group members
chevron_right Offering Consulting
  • Offering structure selection
    • Reg. D(b) or (c)
    • Reg. A(+)
    • REIT structures
    • Interval fund
    • Business development company (BDC)
  • Oversight & guidance through the process
chevron_right Corporate Structure Consulting
  • Financial modeling
  • Accounting integration
  • Fund & investor reporting
  • Policies & procedures
chevron_right Distribution
  • Distribution channel development
    • Building and managing national accounts and wholesaler team
    • Broker dealer
    • Pension funds
    • Institutional investors
    • Document fulfillment
    • Conference networking
  • Channel marketing
  • Sales management
  • FINRA filings (Form 5123, 5110, FINRA review of advertising material, etc.)
  • Aid in securing selling agreements
  • Maintain the master blotter
  • Distribution of offering documents (electronic or hard copy)

Pricing is based on scope of services and can be tailored to complement existing corporate structure. We offer full-cycle support with an ongoing relationship throughout the process.

Our backoffice is fully enabled with technology for electronic delivery and signature of documents.

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